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What is it good for?

Lavender is one the herbs that can be used in the most versatile ways. Thanks to its excellent aroma therapeutic effect it is mainly applied as essential oil. You can drip into bath water, on clothes for poultice, or evaporate through aroma lampions also you can directly apply it on skin as well. Thanks to its mild and delicate effect it can also be used for children.

Calming and vitalizing

The calming, relaxing, antiseptic effects of lavender are well known, it is not only good for relieving headaches, heaviness and stress, but it is also well-tried to balance abruptly appearing moodiness. Beside relieving stress it also has a vitalizing and stimulating effect. It is often used to treat restlessness, sleeping disorders, neural gastro-intestinal disorders, since among other things it enhances healthy, refreshing sleeping. It also helps to increase bile production, enhances digestion and has anticonvulsant, carminative and diuretic effects.

Elixir for external use

For external use pencilling lavender oil helps to relief bruise, bug bites or remove black spot and heal skin defects, even in severe cases, such as psoriasis or eczema. It is also an excellent elixir to relieve rheumatic pains or neuralgia when embrocating or using it in bath. Lavender helps to balance oily skin and stimulates skin metabolism.

Keeping away pests

"When in our dream we smell lavender, we are recalling the memory of a sweet experience" - says Gyula Krúdy in his Book of Dreams. It is not by chance, that the scent of lavender associated with the Biedermeier era, has already been present in our grandmothers’ wardrobes, dried petals of lavender are found in scent pads which not only scent lovely but keep tinea way, too. Because of its general insect repellent effect lavenders are planted next to sensitive plants – like rose stools – to keep away among many others greenflies and other pests.

How to use?



pour a tisane made of a handful of lavender flowers scald 50 grams of lavender with 1 litre of water, leave it for 10-15 minutes -, or simply drip into the bath water some drops of lavender oil.


Scald 2 table spoon of lavender flower with a cup of hot boiling water then leave it for 5-10 minutes. Strain the tea and flavour with honey to your taste.
Massage oil

Massage oil:

mix 10 ml almond- or jojoba oil with 4-5 drops of lavender oil. Keep it in cool, dry place.
Vaporiser Burners

Vaporiser Burners:

pour some water on the plate of the burner and drip 4-5 drops of lavender oil.

Lavender sales: +36-20/595-7777