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Lavender, an evergreen semi-shrub is native to the coats of the Mediterranean Sea however you can find it also in the western part of Asia and East India where it is self-shown. There are 21 registered types although from Natural Medicine aspect there are only three types of high value. It is assumed that the Romans started to spread them in Europe, with the given name of lavare, i.e. clean or wash referring to the fact that lavender was used already in the ancient times in beauty care.

English and French

Traditionally, the English (hybrid) or French lavender is cultivated in Pannonhalma. The previous one grows 40-50 cm high although after rains it can grow 80 cm high – while the French grows 30 cm high. The two types of lavender also differ in their fragrance: English lavender’s scent is more classical and intense, while the French is more feminine, perfume like.

From white to dark lilac

There are various lavender types grown also in various colours and sizes. You can find light pink lavender called "Loddon Pink", dark lilac "Hidcote", or even white "Nana alba". The real home for lavender plant production is South France in the Provance region, where lavender gardens are cultivated in huge large areas.

Famous Hungarian Lavender growers

The first real lavender farm in Hungary was settled in Tihany in the 1920's. The essential oil yielding from the lavender cultivated here became by far the best - even surpassing the quality of the original French plantations therefore the lavenders of Tihany became world famous.

Another home of monasteries favourite plant was Pannonhalma, where at the foot of the Benedictian Archabbey, in the abbey's arboretum lavender has been grown from 18th century. The hummocky and sunny landscape is an ideal place for the plenteous lavender stools. It is not by chance that the products stemming from this region like lavender oil, scent pads or lavender cosmetics are famous far and wide.

Lavender sales: +36-20/595-7777