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Levendula hangulat Levendula szív Levendula virágok
Levendula lány
Levendula csokor Levendula aratás Levendula víz
Levendula lepke
Levendula virág Levendula virágzik Levendula olaj tálban
Levendula mező
Morzsolt levendula Levendula mécses Levendula álmok
Levendula telepítés Levendula szappan és illatosító Levendula molyírtó
Levendula ültetvény

Lavender, lavender seedling, lavender oil

Szecsődi Pál

Our lavender cultivar supplies, own cultivated lavender stools that are ready for settlement, and can be applied for various use later on. We sell lavender stools both in small amounts and in bulk of thousand stools as well.

Thanks to our experiences that we gained in lavender cultivation throughout the decades we also provide our customers with a guidance of how to take care and grow lavenders.

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Lavender sales: +36-20/595-7777